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"Thanks Ollie, Holly and Reuben. Amazing weekend away. Deer, pig, paua and crayfish all in one day!. Amazing hosts and amazing property. I can't wait to get in here for the roar!"

Tim Hockley, New Zealand, 2019

"3rd time back, and I will be back again! Jaycob was awesome! Kept us on the animals and in line. Always entertaining and professional."

Gerald Lim, California, 2019

"Now what can I say.. If I were to describe my experience this week in camp in one word it would be AMAZING"

Brian Keene, Seattle, 2019

"Aloha to Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures, the BEST KEPT SECRET for hunting in New Zealand. This trip was another positive memory making adventure. Robin and I both harvested out best stags yet (big 11 pointer and 12 pointer on the same day!). Plus we saw the monster and fallow buck of a lifetime, we'll be back for them in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023...etc.

Darryl Turner, Hawaii, 2019



'THIS IS THE BEST HUNT EXPERIENCE!, thats why Darryl Turner and I return every year. This is our 6th hunt in 5 years and it won't be our last. Ollie and Jaycob are great guides and just good people in general. Thanks Ruth for the meals. See all of you next year. Aloha, Mahalo's, much love. "

Robin Lee, Hawaii, 2019



"The experience this week was phenomenal. We were on animals every hunt and had a fantastic experience. I was able to shoot a nice fallow buck and see a ton of stags. Hearing the stags roar is a once in a lifetime experience. Big thanks to Ruth for her world class meals, our guide Jaycob and Oliver for the overall experience. Great team! Great facilities! Thank you all for the experience!." 

Chris Ertel, 2019, Alaska

"Thanks for the great times hunting and for taking care of us. Cant wait to come back next year"

Hans Buetzer, Kristy Taylor, Hawaii, 2019


"A massive thank you to Ollie and the awesome team at Te Awaiti!.A well tuned operation and fantastic hunting. A lot of deer seen but still too warm for major roaring action. Fallow seem to be in almost full rut however. Massive shoutout to camp mum Ruth for looking after us all so well. We will be back for sure"

Adam Nicholson, Joel Cullen. 2019




"Nothing but praise for Ollie and the team at Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures ..... both times I’ve been I had an absolute ball .... if you want that good old Kiwi hospitality then this is the place to go ... weather it be shoot a deer chase a pig, get a little bit of sea food ..... this is the place ..... my only concern is that it gets too popular and I can’t get in."

John Kosar, 2018.



"You wont be disappointed if you want a truly authentic NZ hunting experience! The new owner Oliver is not only a superb guide but is also a terrific host, making our stay warm and comfy.
Thanks so much Ollie, looking forward to our return."

Mark Wilson, 2018


'Awesome experience! Ollie is an amazing guide, putting us within range of many deer. Our group of 4, each went home with a heap of venison for the freezer. Great setup which caters for people of all ages and fitness levels. Thoroughly enjoyed my trip and time with Ollie, already planning a return trip.'

Tony Rowe, 2018


'We had an awesome weekend away at Te Awaiti. We had a great time managed to get on to a really good sized boar. We're pretty new to hunting but Ollie was a great guide and we learnt a lot! It was a nice end to the day sitting down with our own delicious roast pork, seafood, and great company to top it off. Cant wait to start planning the next trip, cheers Ollie.'

Daniel Very, 2018


"Had an awesome time here for my first hunt, the guides were great along with good food and a stunning location made for a great experience!"

Ngaio Emson, 2018


"Fantastic place..great scenery..great people...Ollie is a very knowlagable and friendly guide...great man.
I definitely recommend going to Te Awaiti going back as soon as I can....a truely great experience.
book with Ollie and have a great trip"

Jeff Knight, 2018


"Thank you Ollie for an awesome hunt. Freezers full & nice trophy. Definatly be back next roar!."

Mark Crawford, 2018


"Amazing... trifecta on land and sea. Deer pigs and goats on land . Then the coast line for cray paua and fish. Definitely coming back again. Plenty of meat for the freezer. Love that wild pork. Cheers Ollie"

Rodney Niven, 2018


"Great place awesome guys if your into hunting and diving this is a must"

Scott Sutherland, 2016


"Awesome place can't wait to get back!"

Tom Doorish, 2017

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