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Red deer | Fallow deer | Tahr & more...

When you hunt with us you will experience classic New Zealand hunting the way it should be. No high fences, completely wild game and thousands of acres of private land. Our hunts are completely free range. This is proper hunting. 

In the North Island with the use of Can-am defender ATV's and hundreds of kilometres of tracks, we are able to hunt the full 20,000 acres of our privately owned coastal property. We offer both Stag Hunting and Management Hunt options as well as 1 Day Hunting Experiences and 3 Day Learn To Hunt Courses. We also have a fantastic set up for hosting group activities such as Work do's and Corporate retreats.

In the South Island we offer hunts for Tahr, Chamois and Red Stag. With a concession for operating guided hunts on public land we access the mountains by 4x4 or Helicopter before backpacking and foot hunting from tent camps or cabins, this truely is a rewarding wilderness hunt. 

Arrive as clients leave as friends. We pride ourselves on offering first class hospitality while not loosing what proper New Zealand hunting is all about. 




Close encounter hunting, bush stalk wild roaring stags in our privately owned native bush, or sit back and glass as we catch them feeding into the open areas at first and last light.

With our 10 bunk lodge, variety of game, private coast line and many more activities to do we have a fantastic set up for hosting groups. Treat you team to something they really will enjoy. Round up some staff, clients, suppliers and experience a work do like no other.

Explore the Southern Alps on a true wilderness hunting adventure. Big mountains, big adventures and the home of some big animals!.

What we offer

North Island Red Stag & Fallow Buck Hunt

Our stag hunting season runs from March through til mid July. On these hunts we are targeting mature Red Stags that can reach up to 40 inches in length and 10-14 points. 


From the end of March til the end of April is the peak of the roar (rutting season). During this period master-stags tend to herd the hinds into the native forest. We do lots of bush stalking during this time which provides thrilling close encounter action as we are often able to roar the stags into close proximity.  

After the Roar (post rut), the stags tend to drift out of the forest and feed on the grass adjacent, recovering after the rigours of the rutting season. This type of hunting is more about the use of binoculars and the challenge of longer range shooting, but often produces the biggest stags. 


Our private hunting property holds good numbers of both Red Stags and Fallow Bucks so there is the possibility of taking one of each should the opportunities arise.  The accomodation for this hunt is our wilderness hunting lodge and bedding, meals, photography, professional guide, transport around property in ATV,  animals, caping and head skinning are all included in the package. (BYO any alcoholic drinks for the evenings if you wish).

For more information on prices and dates available please contact us. 


Management Hunts 

At the tail end of and after our stag hunting season we love providing hunters with the opportunity to come and join us for a management hunt and a chance to load their freezers with venison. 


On these hunts we are targeting female red and fallow deer. However should we find a cull stag they are also targeted, often providing a bit of antler to take home as well as a larger animal for meat. 

Having our own team of pig dogs on hand also provides the thrilling opportunity to hunt pigs with dogs if eager. With plenty of goats on the property these to can provide a bit of fun, a great introduction to hunting and is a much underrated meat.


On these trips we require a minimum of 2 days which we spread out over 3. (2 half days and 1 full day). How ever if you wish to stay and hunt for longer and  add on more deer that is no issue. 

The accomodation for this hunt is our wilderness hunting lodge. Meals, photography, professional guide, transport around property in ATV,  animals (up to 2 deer per person),  are all included in the package. (BYO any alcoholic beverages for the evenings if you wish), you will need to bring sleeping bags and animals are to be taken home with the skin on.

For more information on prices and dates available please contact us.

Corporate  Retreats

With such a large property, so many activities and a well set up hunting lodge we are able to cater for groups of up to 10 at a time. 


While some can go deer hunting, others can be pig hunting, goat hunting, clay bird shooting, target shooting, long distance target shooting, archery shooting, fishing, diving or just kicking back in camp enjoying the peaceful serenity of been out in nature. 


This provides the perfect setting for team bonding or a chance to really show your staff, clients or suppliers how much you value them.  

For these events accomodation, meals, professional guides, photography, transport around property in ATV's and animals are all included in the one price. (BYO any alcoholic beverages for the evenings).

For more information on prices and dates available please contact us.

South Island Wilderness Tahr, Chamois & Red Stag

Experience the beauty and challenge of back country public land hunting. Access the Southern Alps via 4x4 or Helicopter before backpacking and foot hunting from cabin or tent camp. This is a challenging but highly rewarding hunt and can be seen as the pinnacle of New Zealand mountain hunting. 

Wether specifically targeting Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag or perhaps a combination we can tailor the hunt to suite.  A lot of planning goes into the structuring of these hunts in order to produce the best results possible so the more information you can provide us with about yourself and what you are hoping to achieve the easier it is for us to plan a successful hunt. 


We provide all of the tents, meals and cooking equipment. You will how ever need to bring a pack, warm sleeping bag and bed roll as well as the other required gear that will be emailed out in our gear list. On these hunts a reasonable fitness base is required and the fitter you are the more you will enjoy it and the harder we can hunt.


For more information on prices and dates available please contact us. 

1 Day Hunting Experiences 

Explore your wild side, get in touch with nature and enjoy a New Zealand outdoors experience like no other!. Our 1 day hunting experiences have been designed to provide a small taste of what hunting in New Zealand is like while providing our clients with the opportunity to have one awesome adventure, have a lot of fun, see some amazing scenery and learn new skills with out taking up too much of your time!.

What's included:

  • Off roading 4x4 driving experience

  • Off roading Can-am defender ATV tour through amazing scenery

  • Professionally trained guide 

  • Learn basic firearm safety and target shooting 

  • Learn basic hunting skills and habits of wild life

  • Time out in nature 

  • Potential to harvest a deer or goat 

  • Lunch, snacks and beverages 

  • Pick up/ drop off from Martinborough (8am pick up, 5pm drop off)

2 person minimum 


For more information on prices and dates available please contact us

3 Day Learn To Hunt Course

Explore nature and learn how to provide for yourself!. Our 3 day learn to hunt course has been designed to provide those who wish to begin their hunting journey or are simply just interested in the outdoors, bush craft or learning to provide for them selves a package like no other. Immerse yourself in nature for 3 full days while learning new skills, having lots of fun and taking in some amazing scenery.

What's included: 

  • Hunt with and learn from a professionally trained hunting guide  

  • Learn firearm safety and target shooting from different positions 

  • Learn hunting skills, wild life habits and how to provide for yourself 

  • Learn map reading skills 

  • Go hunting and potentially shoot up to 2 deer as well as goats 

  • Learn how to gut animals 

  • Learn how to skin animals 

  • Learn how to butcher animals and learn about the different cuts of meat

  • Learn tips for how to cook different cuts of meat

  • Tour through amazing scenery in Can-am defender ATV

  • Experience staying in a wilderness hunting cabin

  • Meals and some beverages provided BYO snacks and any alcoholic beverages you may want for in the evenings. 


For more information on prices and dates available please contact us


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Management hunts
2024 hunts
Group events
Tahr and chamois
Stag + Tahr hunt

Suppressed rifles only: If you wish to bring your own rifle along on the hunt it must be suppressed. As we are hunting weekly and our game animas are fully wild and unrestricted we only like to use suppressed rifles as they do not disturb the areas as much which can also then help to increase the success of your hunt. If you do not have your own suppressed rifle don't worry as we have suppressed rifles available here for your use. 

Minimum sized calibre: For our stag hunts we only use rifles larger then a .243 calibre. This helps to increase odds of a ethical and fast kill on large game animals. 


Rifle Hire: If you do not have your own suppressed rifle do not worry. We have multiple good quality rifles setup with suppressors and dial up scopes available for use at just $80 a day. 

Terms & Conditions

Hunt Guarantee: We guarantee all of our hunts are truely wild with freely ranging game.

Getting Your Trophies Home: For our overseas clients, we can arrange preparation, taxidermy, expediting of your trophies through our professional taxidermist and shipping agent.

Weather: South Island Wilderness hunts can be subject to weather conditions in the mountains. Whether events can lead to delays going in to the mountains or having to come out of the mountains earlier than anticipated in extreme conditions. If hunt is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, your hunt will be postponed, however if we are already in the mountains and have to come out earlier due to weather, we are not responsible for any refunds. We advise getting travel insurance.  

Tips/Gratitudes: Packages does not include tips. This is a requirement for services provided. 

Deposit Policy: An immediate deposit of 50% is required to secure your booking. This is non-refundable. If you wish to postpone or transfer your hunt dates the deposit will  be held and transferred for the new dates.


However, if you cancel 30 days or less before you are due to arrive and we cannot get your dates rebooked, we will not be able to transfer your deposit for new dates. 

Final Payments: Final payments are sent out one week before arrival due before arrival.

Payment Options: All prices are in NZD and are subject to change without notice. Payments can be made by personal or bank cheque, wire transfer or credit card, (+4% Credit card fee). 

"Nothing but praise for Ollie and the team..."

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