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Free-Range Hunting New Zealand is one of the country's very few outfitters offering 100% ethical free range hunts and real, wilderness hunting trips.

We differ greatly from the majority of outfitters in New Zealand primarily offering behind wire hunts for ranch raised deer and "Heli hunts" for tahr and chamois. 

To us this is not what hunting is about and we take great pride in only offering good honest free range hunts for truely wild game. 


We are a small family run operation. Couple Holly and Oliver work as a team to provide you the best possible authentic New Zealand hunting experience.


Been a small operation the focus is entirely on you! We are able to tailer our hunts to suite the individual and with our all inclusive packages there are no hidden surprises for our hunters. We are proud members of the New Zealand professional hunting guides association and are affiliate members of the New Zealand Tourism Association.  

Your safety, enjoyment and success are our highest priority. 


Free-Range Hunting New Zealand is a small family owned business founded in 2017 by New Zealand Outfitter and professional hunting guide Oliver Walker-Cudby. Sine then Free-Range Hunting New Zealand have solidified their reputation in the hunting industry as been one of New Zealand's leading specialist Free Range Outfitters.

Oliver and partner Holly are passionate hunters and have centred their lives around their love of the outdoors.  They are specialists in providing genuine free range New Zealand hunts for hunters from all around the globe.  With a return hunter rate of over 30% each season this is a true testament to their success. 


Oliver Walker-Cudby


Oliver was born and raised in the Kapiti Coast region of the North Island, New Zealand. Here he grew up on his parents farm where hunting was apart of life and he would tag along with his father every chance he could from a young age.  Here his passion for the outdoors and hunting grew until he was able to turn it into his profession.  While at school Oliver worked a pest control job during his holidays and since finishing school  has worked full time as a professional hunting guide ever since, including a stint of guiding hunts in British Columbia.  Oliver is trained in first aid and is a registered guide with the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association. He is a highly experienced guide and loves sharing our backyard with other hunters looking for an adventure.

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Holly White


Holly was also born and raised in the Kapiti Coast region of the North Island, New Zealand. Growing up sports, athletics and everything outdoors was a major part of life. Here her love for been outside in nature stemmed and developed into a passion for hunting in later years.  Holly will be your first point of contact when organising your hunt as she works tirelessly behind the scenes running the show,  marketing, organising hunters and overseeing daily operations.  Lucky for you Holly is also a top class cook and an exceptional hostess. Wild game meals are Hollys specialty and we utilise the meat taken from all animals taken on our hunts. Holly is also trained in first aid and is sure to keep you having fun and smiling.



Riley Jones - Long time close friend of Olivers since their school days, Riley has been our go to main guide since the very beginning of Free-Range Hunting New Zealand. His happy-go-lucky nature always makes hunting with him a fun time. Riley loves everything outdoors and is a very experienced hunter and accomplished hunter having spent many years in the industry including guiding hunts in Canada.


Jacob Howard - A super keen hunter Jacob likes to spend every opportunity he can in the mountains. And when he is not out hunting you can just about guarantee he is thinking about it.  Jacob has been helping us with hunts since 2022 and takes great pride in getting results for his clients.


Matt Fairhurst - When not out hunting above ground its usually because he is underwater. Matt loves the outdoors and has been hunting from a very young age. Teamed with his deer dog Matt has a real passion for bush stalking deer. 

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