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HUNT Free Range

New Zealand Red Stag Hunting

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-Guided Hunts-

The wild hill country of our privately owned iconic coastal property provides premium hunting for Red Deer, Fallow Deer, South Pacific Goat and Wild Boar. The rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean provides an unmatched allure . Our nearest town, Martinborough is famous for its beautiful vineyards, walks and colonial charm.  At Free-Range Hunting New Zealand there truely is something for everyone. 

Formerly known as Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures.

 Free-Range Hunting New Zealand LTD is your premier hunting destination for truely free-ranging Red stag, Fallow buck and more.

Our hunting trips are renowned for the wildness of our stock, NO HIGH FENCES, the beauty of our property and our devotedness to providing exceptional experiences.



 Escape reality and get back to nature. Home during all of our hunting experiences is our remote hunting lodge situated in the backcountry wilderness of Te Awaiti, our main hunting property. Off the grid but still with all of the home comforts we literally have big game hunting on our door step. From here hunts have been outfitted since the late 1980's creating an enviable reputation and a long history of repeat cliental. 

Te Awaiti is truely an amazing place. 20,000 acres of North Island premium hunting including more than 7 miles of privately owned Pacific Ocean coastline. With a rich history of been a highly regarded hunting destination, it was quoted by famous hunting author T.E. Donne in his book Red Deer Stalking in New Zealand, "the best stalking in the North Island is obtainable on that great expanse of country known as Te Awaiti on the eastern coast." 

Hunt with us and experience some of the best private land 

free range hunting New Zealand has to offer.

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